Black Garlic Sauce Pulled Pork


Recipe Source: Chef Mitch Maier

Prep TIme: 15 Minutes

Cooking Time: 3 Hours



5 pounds pork shoulder roast, bone-in

Kosher salt, to taste

Black pepper, to taste

Ground cumin (about 1-2 tsp)

2 tbsp. olive oil

1 yellow or white onion, sliced

3-4 cloves of garlic

1/2 c Mitch Maier's Black Garlic Sauce

1 c chicken broth


Cooking Instructions

Preheat over to 325 degrees. Season all sides of the pork shoulder generously with kosher salt and black pepper, you want to be sure it has plenty of season on it since it is such a large cut of meat. Then, season all over with cumin. Use at least 1 tsp of cumin, but I used a little more than that so that the roast was seasoned evenly with cumin. In a dutch oven (or use a large skillet or a crockpot), heat 2 tbsp of olive oil over medium-high heat. When hot, but not smoking, sear the pork on all sides until golden bown (about 4 minutes per side). When all sides are browned, remove the pork from the dutch oven or skillet and set aside on a plate. Turn the heat down to low, and toss in the slived onion, the garlic cloves seasoned with a little salt and pepper and saute for about 2 minutes. *If you are using a crockpot, place the sauteed onions and garlic in the bottom of the crockpot, and placed the browned pork over. Pour in Mitch Maier's Black Garlic Sauce, and chicken in around the pork. Cover and cook until the pork is fork tender, about 6 to 8 hours on high or 8 to 10 hours on low. Pour in the apple cider vinegar and the chicken broth. Return the pork to the pot. Cover, place in the oven and cook for 3-4 hours, or until the pork is fork tender (mine only took 3 hours and it was a 4.5 lb. shoulder). When cooking time is complete and the pork is fork tender, remove the pork from the pot and onto a large cutting board or baking sheet. Using tow forks, shred the meat - discarding the bones abd any unnecessaily larege hunks of fat. Place shredded meat back into the Mitch Maier's Black Garlic Sauce, toss around until it soaks the suce all back up.